Yes, foreigners can own real estates in Turkey, especially after the abolition of the principle of reciprocity, and the enactment of private ownership law for foreigners on 15/05/2012. It has become very easy to own a real estate in Turkey provided it is not in the military zones, rural, or any land belonging to the state in general. There are only three countries that Turkey has frozen relations with (North Korea – Armenia – Syria) so the acquisitions in Turkey to the citizens of these countries is not possible. But they can overcome this obstacle through acquisition on the name of the company they create.
It depends on your nationality. As a result of the policy of openness to the world pursued by Turkey, the citizens of more than 71 countries are exempted from visa to enter Turkey. So you should check this with Turkish missions in your country before coming. You can also check through the Turkish missions in your country before coming. You can also check through the Turkish electronics visa site through the following link www.evisa.gov.tr
You do not need a residence permit to buy a house in Turkey. But you can get a residence and an exemption from the visa when you buy a house in Turkey. The recently passed law gives the owners of real estates in Turkey for a year that can be obtained from the nearest police station to the place of your stay in Turkey.
Passport, contract for the purchase of the house, 4 photographs such as those used in your passport, photocopy of the main page of your passport, the page containing the validity of the visa, and that containing entry stamp to the Turkish territory.
It is not necessary to open a bank account in Turkey. You can even transfer the amounts of payments property directly from your country. But it is preferable to open a bank account in order to make it easier the transfers and the bills pay via internet if you are not in Turkey.
Your passport and tax number (Turkish Government’s Taxation Office will provide this number free of charge).
There are many global banks in Turkey such as (Fortis and HSBC) and there are banks with branches in Europe like (Akbank and Garanti Bank) and there are Islamic banks such as Kuwait Turkish Bank and Al Baraka Bank.
Yes, you can get a loan from Turkey against the mortgage of the property depending on the house that you would like to buy.
Yes, there are many local and international insurance companies that offer insurance services for real estates and properties.
Yes, you can coordinate with real estate agencies to rent your home.
The registration in the department of land registry and obtaining the title takes from 2 to 5 months, because the procurement official papers are sent to the competent military authorizes to carry out the necessary audit, to make sure that the property is not located near military zone or checkpoints. It has been verified that all the projects promoted by our company are away from military areas. And to get the title, it’s required to have a valid passport, four photos and a tax number.
There are no restrictions on taking your money to your country, except for capital tax that you have to pay in the case where your ownership period in Turkey does not exceed five years. And if you pass five years of ownership, then you are not obliged to pay this tax.
Hospitals and health facilities in Turkey, whether private or government owned, provide high-level services. They are cheaper than the ones in Europe by 40% to 50% and most of them offer translation services for foreign patients.
Under Turkish law, there is no need for a representative of you while doing the organization of the purchase contract and procedures to get the title. But if you want to feel more secure, we can recommend you lawyers with a good reputation and who can speak foreign languages.
Registration and transfer tax of the real estate ownership is 4% of the real estate price. This amount will be divided in two between the buyer and the seller and will be paid only for once. Sales tax of 10% (calculated over the transfer tax) will be covered by the buyer. Some other simple expenses like insurance and water/gas/electricity expenses will be paid by the buyer too.