About Heysem Real Estate

Providing services in real estate sector since 2014, Heysem began its activities by bringing real estate products to its clients through international agencies. In the course of time, it continued its activities in order to establish direct sale links with clients, apart from agencies. Heysem employs various channels to reach clients directly.

We use 360-degree marketing approach in our activities, and enable our clients to contact us directly by means of international advertising works, as a result we present our product and service portfolio to relevant fairs to introduce to our clients.

Also, we give one to one presentations to our clients at international RoadShows, which are our own events. Furthermore, we continue to provide our international clients directly with our product and service portfolio, which we have prepared across Turkey based on a multifaceted product sale strategy, which is developed by our online and telesales channels, domestic field sale channels and agency-broker channels.

With its branches in various regions and cities across Turkey, which reflect the dynamics of the sector, and with its customer satisfaction-focused approach, Heysem based in Istanbul, continues its activities on products and services that are conforming to clients’ demands, thanks to its presence in Black Sea, Aegean and South Marmara regions’ commercial centers.

Heysem, gaining more strength as days pass with its expert team, is one of the leading companies in the sector in Turkey. It keeps its services on with its knowledge and expertise in the field and its powerful sale channels, which it has developed in the international arena and achieved noteworthy success in the Middle East.